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I recently purchased a Dell XPS 8900, Windows 10. Right out of the box, before I'd installed any drivers or programs, with just the monitor, keyboard and mouse connected, the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon was appearing on the right hand side of taskbar. Actually it's in with the other hidden icons (clicking on the upwards pointing arrow on the taskbar shows the hidden icons). When I click on the icon, it says "Open Devices and Printers", with 3 dots under it:

Clicking on that opens Devices and Printers in control panel. My previous computer was an HP, that I'd upgraded from 8.1 to 10, and that icon was not always showing. If I inserted a USB drive, external hard drive, or memory card, then it would appear, but it wasn't showing all of the time. I've been able to determine that it's the new computer's media card reader that's causing the icon to appear. When the reader is disconnected from the motherboard, the icon goes away. The HP also had a media card reader (and yes it worked). Both the Dell and HP readers connect to a USB connector on the motherboard. I asked about this in the Dell forums, and the response was that since the reader is connected to a USB bus, Windows 10 recognizes it as a removeable drive (even if nothing is inserted in the reader), and so displays that icon. The reason the icon didn't appear on the HP is because HP must use a proprietary controller not on a USB bus. Does this make sense, or is someone at Dell spouting nonsense?
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  2. Thanks. So, I guess it's not something screwed up in Windows, or the media card reader, or Dell's BIOS or motherboard. It's strange that the HP with Windows 10 didn't have the icon showing all the time, though. Maybe the person at Dell was right about HP using a proprietary controller.
  3. i never really noticed it was always there as it hides in the hidden icon box and I only ever look for it when I want to remove a USB stick. It doesn't bother me that its there as its hidden...
  4. When I first saw it I thought something somewhere was screwed up. Since that doesn't seem to be the case I'll just ignore it.
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