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I´m having a problem with a freshly installed version of Windows 10.

I want to make a backup of the system. I have different drives, but my OS is installed on the SSD (C : ).

I don´t want to back up any other of the drives I have.

Here´s the thing.
Windows decided that it needs to back up another one of my drives (G : ). I use this only to store music on (mp3 files).

I did not check the box for drive G, it just includes it as a part of the system image.

There used to be some .exe files on drive G: but I deleted those. There also no running services related to drive G: that I can see.

To fix the issue, I formatted drive G:, rebooted and ran CCleaner to fix any registry errors.

I tried to backup again, and it did, but it said: "backup didn´t complete succesfully, couldn´t find "G:Music".

I really want to get rid of this nagging link Windows is making to the drive. Any ideas?
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    i think you just need to cancel the scheduled backup plan and set a new one, and you can set which folders you want to copy and it must have included your music library originally... that is why it went after G.

    win 10 uses win 7's backup engine so all of this will apply except perhaps the menus getting to it:
  2. Hey Colif, the weird thing is that I´ve never made a backup of my music library (that drive) in Win7. The PC is pretty new, and I´ve only ever backed up my primary hard drive.

    I deleted the scheduled backup plan in the registry. Now previous problem seems to be fixed, however the strange thing is I´m not getting any message about whether or not the backup was completed.
  3. go here:

    Control Panel - System and Security - Security and Maintenance - Change ... - tick Windows Backup.

    it was on by default last year but people complained so its off by default now.
  4. Hi Colif,

    Thanks for your answer. It´s already fixed though, I ran regrepair and after that everything was fine. May be the same setting.
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