how can i split audio from playing games on my headset and watching a movie on my tv

so here is the story, i want to play games on my pc and have just the audio from the games going into my headset. but at the same time i want to watch a movie aka netflix through chrome on my tv with the audio from netflix only playing through the tv.

headphones are connected only through jack only and tv is connected through hdmi

i was told that i can change the output audio on certain games but this one in specific h1z1 does not have that option

i have:
i5 5690k
asrock z97 killer fatality
gigabyte gtx 980
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  1. Set default audio device in Sound Manager to be that of your TV, usually being HDMI out, while you can set your game to use your sound card as the audio device for your gaming endeavors.

    Similar proposal.
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