Dual Monitors, Different resolutions and Eye Strain?

I recently got a dual monitor setup at work with my primary being a 21 inch running at 1920x1080 and now a second monitor 17 inch at 1600x1024. I started noticing that my eyes are more tired than usual nowdays. Can going back and forth between different resolutions cause increased eye strain?
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    easily if the text scale for instance isnt the same, you eye will "work hard" on 1 monitor and when you the next second look at teh other monitor it will relax, forth and back forth and back, sorta like flexing a muscle

    also different monitors can mean different lighting, like brightness setting, colours, backlight/isp glow, all will have a different effect on your eyes
    imagine looking into a neon light for 30secs, then quickly switching to a halogen light, very different effect on your eyes

    set up your monitors so they are as "even" as possible in terms of display output lighting, brightness, contrast (a 70 brightness on 1 monitor does not automatically equal a brightness lvl of 70 on the 2nd)
    and text size, higher resolution monitors often need a "bigger/larger" zoom, vs smaller res monitors
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will try to adjust it to see if I can get them as close to each other as possible but I think it will be a challenge since they are from different manufacturers/sizes/resolutions. I think in the meantime I will just switch the 2nd monitor off unless I absolutely need to use it.
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