Windows 10 WEI score(s), why do people say they are inferior/not important? What are alternatives?

Windows 10 WEI

The overall scoring I can understand why it can be considered inferior since it gives you the score for your lowest score for your overall score, which only makes sense if you are a gamer, if for general use, it's definitely not good to go based on the overall score.

Individual scores I think are pretty helpful though.

Is there a way to run/see a hypothethical wei score for a possible system build?

What is another way to tell how good a cpu, ram, ssd/hdd, raid, motherboard, etc. are?

How can you tell if a motherboard can overclock? Cpu, graphics/video card? Can anything else be overclocked, or made better?

Are all CPUs with the same amount of cores, then overclocked to the same GHz, the same?

What exactly are you overclocking in a graphics card?

Does a 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. gb graphics card really make a difference in gaming? What other things use graphic cards besides maybe local videos?

Can anything else be overclocked, like ram, or anything?


Edit: Do/should you have rivets for under the motherboard? Watched a youtube video and a guy said that you should put rivets so the motherboard doesn't touch the tower's side/base, also looked up spacers/washers for motherboard and they are saying experts say that the motherboard touching the base is best... i'm not sure what to do since I'm essentially getting mixed results. I never built a computer.

Edit 2: Forgot that intel has those hyper threads that trick the computer to thinking it has more cores when asking about the overclock question. But the hyper-threading doesn't make it as good as actual cores right?
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    I turned wei off on my win 10 PC as it was setting my desktop wallpaper to a smaller size than screen and GPU can actually run it at. It made it 1080p, I have 4k.. lots of black around edge of the image lol. It may not have been WEI doing it but as soon as I turned off service, it stopped.

    I think WEI was taken out so people with low end pc could still believe the line spread by Microsoft about how every pc can easily run win 10. If they could see their actual scores they may think otherwise. I ran it on my pc while on 7 and got 9.7 as base score... Microsoft hadn't really adjusted the scale to take into account all the PC that can easily score 10 across board. Adjust scale too much and many people they trying to get onto win 10 may see their scores of 4 or less and think otherwise

    benchmarks like 3dmark and AIDA64 are better suited at figuring out what hardware is capable of

    Motherboard overclocking: I don't think there is a one stop shop for this info, many motherboards have the features now, some just have more options. If you pay for a ROG board you get more than if you buy the basic Asus board, for instance.
    CPU need to be K versions now for Intel, not sure about AMD
    Graphics is like motherboard, some are bettter than others and not every one is same, two identical models can have different speeds, it depends on the quality of the chips.. luck of the drawer
    You can overclock RAM using XMP profiles
    everything else in pc is either power or storage, neither benefits from overclocking them

    not all cpu are same, it depends on the luck of drawer. 2 identical chips oc may reach different max speeds.

    GPU OC: chip speed and memory I think (I never done it)

    SLI: Yes, but its game by game basis. Not all games use SLI/Crossfire

    Graphics cards can be used for processing, many Mainframes use GPU for number crunching. Think bit coin miners use them too.

    no idea about rivets

    I have an I5, 4 extra virtual cores would be nice. They aren't as good as real ones but they better than nothing.
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