Mouse and Keyboard stop working when I try to boot up windows 10 from a usb flashdrive on a brand new pc

I just build my new gaming pc and when i try to go to bios everithing is fine but when i try to boot up into windows 10 from a
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  1. USB flash drive, the keyboard and mouse stop working
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  2. I have had same problem before on an older computer and what I did was put Windows on a USB again and delete everything on the hard drive and it worked the second time round. My guess is that the files were either not completely copied or were corrupted the first time that you put windows on the USB.
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    Are you using the USB 2 ports on back of pc? front port may not work until drivers installed.

    you can use check disc to scan installer and set it to check system files, it may fix the problem.

    also see if new bios for motherboard, could help as well. what motherboard do you have? it might have a bios setting you need to have set to enable USB.
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