I cant connect to the internet via ethenet to activate windows 10

I have recently built a new PC. I installed window 10 using a USB drive.I have got my PC running to the desktop screen, however, it seems although my computer is not detecting the Ethernet cable directly plugged into the modem. I went into computer management and under Other devices it lists,

Ethernet Controller
PCI Data Acquisition and signal Processing Controller
PCI Memory Controller
PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller

Each one of these has a yellow triangle next to it with an exclamation mark.Could this possibly be the problem, maybe something to do with the drivers? If anyone has any idea of the problem please let me know.

Thanks. Alfred
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  1. Hi,

    Since it's a fresh install of Windows 10, it may still need some drivers to be installed first. If your motherboard came in with a disc for it's drivers, do install it first and see if that will solve the problem. :)
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    Be better off going to the mobos web site and download the latest drivers, those on the disk may well be out of date already
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