After Upgrading to Windows 10 USB ports are not working only PS/2 keyboard works

What happens is everything works just fine in bios but as soon as it boots to windows usb ports just literally dies nothing works. Last year i tried to update to windows 10 but for this problem i had to clean install windows 7 again ( did this twice) and i never found a solution. At that time i didn't had a PS/2 keyboard so after all this time i thought to give it another shot so bought a PS/2 keyboard plugged it in boom ! works just fine so updated to windows 10 today but i am having really hard time getting the usb ports to work.

Lists of what i have tried so far :

-turn off usb legacy support in bios
-unplug power supply cable plug it back in
-unchecked "let the computer turn off this device to save power" from every usb driver found in device manager
-uninstalling all the usb driver found in device manager and then rebooting the computer
-updating each usb driver through device manager
-unchecked "Turn on fast start-up" from power options
-tried going to safe mode but usb ports doesn't work there either :/
-editing registry
-turning on windows 8 feature in bios
-enable usb XHCI from bios

my LAN port is dead for a long time now so i need my usb ports to work so that i can either connect my wifi dongle or usb to lan adapter would really really appreciate if you can help i seriously don't want to clean install windows 7 again thanks

PC Specs :
CPU : Intel Core I5 4690K Overclocked @4.4ghz
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master Hyper EVO 212
RAM : Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb (2x 4gb) and Kingston HyperX (2x 4gb) = 16gb of total ram
Motherboard : MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
PSU : Corsair CX600M

Bios version : v1.9
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  1. smorizio said:

    i already did that forgot to mention it.
  2. if the mb has a dead port on it i would see if it under warranty and rma it.
  3. smorizio said:
    if the mb has a dead port on it i would see if it under warranty and rma it.

    but as i said my usb ports works just fine on windows 7
  4. Same happened to me but just with the mouse. Very weird. I thought it might be the driver, but I've since removed the mice in device manager, plugged in the CM mice and nothing. Doesn't even register. Was the last day for Windows 10 to work, so will be rolling back to windows 7 and keeping it.

    Partner is having the constant Windows 10 update has failed and rollback issue every time she starts her computer also.

    It is still in Beta.
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