Partial New Build For ~£250

Hi Guys,

I haven't upgraded my current rig in a few years so it's fallen behind in terms of spec quite a lot, it currently is..

Athlon 64 3000+
1 Gig DDR400
nForce 4 mobo
Geforce 6800 GT
160 Gig HDD

I'm a student so funds are quite tight so ideally I'd like to upgrade the CPU, Mobo, RAM and Graphics card for roughly £250. It obviously isn't going to be amazing but it will always be a huge upgrade compared to what I've got now! I'd like to be able to play modern and new games at medium detail if possible (I've got a 23" Samsung, 1920x1080 display). I've seen Intel had rebranded what were essentially original generation Core 2 Duos as Intel Dual Core which you can get for just over £50, add a mobo for £40, RAM the same and then the graphics card is open to debate. I don't know if this is the best option though and if AMD would have better potential. Here's all I need..

CPU: Quad-core not necessarry - dual cores are obviously cheaper so unless it works out well for a quad core, I don't need it.
RAM: 4 Gigs, ideally better than 'value' RAM.
Mobo: Decently specced, doesn't need amazing overclocking features
Graphics: I'm thinking a last generation mid-high spec card - AMD 4870? They're going for around £100 now.

Any input would be really appreciated!

Edit: I'm in the wrong forum - could someone move me to the New Build forum?
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  1. well you gonna need a power supply as well maybe a case as well
  2. That's about $400 american right? At that pricerange, there is no way you are going to be crossfiring graphics cards unless you plan to buy a second one sometime in the future.

    OCZ has some decently priced power supplies 500W

    The 4850 meets your needs and is well priced these days. The 4870 is better and priced accordingly.

    I'd recommend either an Athlon IIx2 or an Athlon IIx4 depending on what the price comes to. The x4 comes to $100 american. I dont know what that is in pounds.

    OCZ has some good inexpensive ram for 2x2GB.

    For your motherboard you could go for the cheaper AM3 with DDR3 support. Crossfire will cost a little extra but get that support if you intend to upgrade with 2 4850s down the road.
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