Should I skip 1440p?

I am planning to upgrade to a GTX 1070 from my current card and I am also thinking about upgrading my monitor in the process. Where I'm stuck is whether or not I should skip 1440p save up some more money and my a 4k monitor. Is a 1070 even able to run games at 4k. I'm mostly gaming on my computer but I also do school work and watch movies.
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  1. at 4k, if you are fine with running some games at high or medium to high settings, then I would go 4K. if you want to play at 60 FPS maxed, then a 1080 is mandatory. a 1070 is right around a good 980ti.
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    I think I would stick with 1080P or maybe go to 1440P. I think I would take frame rates over the extra resolution. However if you are not in to multiplayer gaming which requires fast responses then maybe go with 4K. To me 1080P is where it is at for multiplayer unless you have a multicard system which can run at 60 fraps or better in 4k
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