Few questions about high resolution computer monitors.

I really want to buy a new monitor, but none meet my specifications. I would like a curved monitor with a 2560x1440p screen, but it seems that the best I can get without going 4K is 2560x1080p. I don't game or anything on my computer I just use it for school work and consuming media, and if I did game I'd use 1080p, I only use my console for gaming. I'm current using an AOC 27inch 1920x1080p 16:9 monitor for daily use and it's nice, but I'd just like an upgrade. So I have a few questions:
1. Do any 2560x1440p curved monitors exist?
2. Does 2560x1080p look substantially better than 1920x1080p?
3. Could I tell the difference between 2560x1080p and 1920x1080p
4. How do you feel about curved monitors
5. Drop any links to a monitor you think I might like. As long as the resolution is higher than 1920x1080p and the screen size is 27 inches+.

Thank you for reading my question.
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