Another 4k vs 1440 monitors question

Just built a new PC. Looking to buy monitors.

Running dual EVGA 1080 Founder's, and a 6700 CPU.

I will be water cooling everything in the future (running air right now to test all components).

What will the net gain be from 4k to 1440? I'd like the 4k, as it seems like it will be beautiful, and from what I am reading, due to older posts, it seems the dual 1080's should be able to handle it.

I play things like WoW/Overwatch, and the occasional other FPS, League of Legends. Then solo games I dabble in games like Witcher, Fallout and Dark Souls. I'm not hyper competitive by any means, so I don't think I need need super-twitchlike response. I'm honestly just debating on getting 1 of each, and I can swap if need be. I'd like to keep 4k to steam my plex/netflix on while I raid =P

Honestly though, without being
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  1. I highly recommend adaptive sync monitors for gamers, so would go with the resolution that fits into your budget.

    I would definitely take high smooth frame-rate Gsync 1440p over 4k.....but that's just my opinion.
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    Single gtx 1080 has no problem with 1440p you will get well over 60 fps, sli 1080 @ 4k depending if the game takes advantage of the sli may be hardly any gain or could be very significant.
    Could always tweak down settings, then likely you could get 60 fps+ at 4k res in sli.
    You can prolly try 8k in DSR, turn down settings in the game and get half way decent fps.
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