Stuck in auto repair loop after reset

I did a full wipe on my HDD through windows 10 (which includes reinstalling windows) and now it is stuck in an automatic repair loop. I don't recall which command I used, but I went into command prompt and did a scan of my drives and it said I don't have any windows installations on any drives. I was wondering if I should just reinstall windows on my SSD and use my HDD for storage. My question is whether or not this will work if my SSD is already initialized and made into a volume.
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    lets see if the CMD command was right...

    Download this and make a win 10 installer on USB or DVD: Win 10 media creation tool

    change boot order in bios so USB or DVD first, HDD second
    boot from installer
    on screen after language choices, choose repair this PC, not install
    choose troubleshoot
    choose advanced
    choose start up options
    choose one of the three safe modes
    PC will restart and maybe load safe mode... if it does, that command you used was confused. If you do get into safe mode, you don't have to do anything, just restart PC and see if it works now.

    If command prompt was right. you can use the installer to put win 10 back on hdd or on the ssd. If SSD is formatted as MBR and your PC has an UEFI bios, Win 10 will want you to delete all the partitions on SSD before it will install - its generally a good idea anyway as it removes any old hidden partitions.

    Since both hdd and SSD will now have a form of win 10 on them, you would be best wiping the hdd completely before using it for storage as there is a chance your PC might try to boot off it. The way UEFI boot works is it scans all drives in PC for a file name and both your drives would have that file name now
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