Best monitors in $100-200 USD price range: IPS vs TN, 60Hz vs 144Hz

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I am trying to pick a new monitor and stay below $200 USD (I could go up to $250 if it was absolutely necessary to get results). I have read many people say about both IPS and 144Hz that once you try them you won't want to go back. I can't find anything with both within my budget, nor can I find anything 1440p, so it seems I am going with a 1080p, either 144Hz TN or 60Hz IPS.

I realize this choice tends to be subjective and hotly debated, so what I am after are suggestions of specific monitors of each type that would be the best option within this budget. I've heard that a higher quality TN could beat an IPS in image quality if it's a lower quality model. So, at this price point is there an IPS that is worth it? Or is there a TN that could deliver a similar or better image coupled with those higher framerates?

Also, I run an i5-4590 and an msi GTX 970, and use my computer for a mix of everything (browsing, gaming, videos) but nothing professionally.
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  1. In that price range, you WILL NOT find anything other than 24" 1080p 60Hz monitors. You can find a few 23" IPS ones (LG, Asus, Samsung), but you either need to double your price or stick to <=24" 1080p IPS/TN
  2. IPS 60htz. 144htz not worth it unless you go 1440p which you can't for your budget. In addition, not worth it if you gpu can only push out 60fps -144 would be wasted.
  3. This is $250. 144Hz TN for Nvidia cards.
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  5. Acer GN246HL TN panel with 144hz refresh rate $200 on amazon. But since your not doing anything professionally I recommend you check out Atron Vision AVF240 also $200 under or the LG UM57 (25-Inches!!) under $200. All on amazon
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