Asus VG248QE frame rate is locked at 60. How can i achieve 144hz?


Few days ago i bought a new pc. these are the specs i think are important:

Windows 10
Radeon RX 480 (has 3 display ports and 1 hdmi) - i tried every single port..
ASUS VG248 (digital) - it is connected currently with a DVI - D ( dual link)
since the graphic card has 3 display ports and 1 hdmi, i'm using this to connect DVI-D to the monitor. - radeon settings screenshot

I tried the following:
- forcing the custom resolution through CRU ( which wierdly after trying every single option- windows error message pops up that custom resolutions are not supported by my display)
- using DDU to wipe display drivers and re install them from the AMD website
- same with asus drivers
- i tried checking the advanced display settings (listing all modes, screen refresh rate)

Even in the radeon settings it says that the maximum reported refresh rate is 75, even though i can't even select that one.

Right now i have 2 monitors. The other one supports only 60 hz. But i tried redoing everything above with only asus monitor and got the same results.
I have no clue what to do :/
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    I'd cut out the adapter and use a real DP cable and see if that helps. The most you can get from DL DVI-D is 120hz, at least in my experience.
  2. So if you right click on your desktop and go to 'Display Settings' down to 'Advanced Display Settings' and then down to "Display adapter properties' and then select the tab for "monitor' the drop down box doesn't show you 144 as an option? what are displayed if not?

    Also, just to make sure. Under the Advanced Display Settings, select Detect and then Identify, see if your Asus is the primary 'Number 1' Monitor.

    I just double read your post, so your GPU does not have DVI ports just Display and HDMI so you are using a adapter to from y our monitors cable to a HDMI.

    That actually might be the cause, HDMI unless it's the newer version is only 60 hrz.

    You'll need a Display Port cable I'd imagine.
  3. If i'm not mistaken, you cannot use you a DVI-D, in order to achieve 144hz, you're going to need a DP 1.2 cable.
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