Can I use my phone to store the Windows 10 64 Bit files to upgrade my Computer?

Hi, I currently have a Windows 10 32 Bit computer, and am wanting to upgrade to 64 Bit, my computer can handle it, and has been on 64 bit before and it worked perfectly fine. 32 Bit is holding my computer down so I can't do as many things as I could before with a 64 Bit.

Anyways, in the MediaCreationTool from Microsoft, if I select to install it on another computer, and then select to install the data on a USB Flash drive, and just select a drive, and move the Windows 10 64 Bit install files over to my Phone, would I be able to Install it from there? Or somehow boot the computer with it?

In a shorter way: Can I boot an ISO or a Disk Image File from my Phone? or is there another way of doing it, I do not have a blank writable CD, nor a USB Flashdrive with 4GB of free space.
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    Can you boot from your phone and install the OS?
    Probably not.

    It needs to see a USB or DVD to install from.
  2. No. Get a USB flash drive.
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