is my 2013 i5 4670k still good/fast for upcoming games? (need help upgrade questions)

ive been out of the pc gaming scene for awhile. Last time ive upgraded was mobo and cpu.

its a asus z87 plus, 12gb ddr3 ram..and a 2012 hd 7950 on 1080p.

can I expect to run battlefield 1/titanfall 2 in smooth 60fps if I ONLY upgrade my 4 year old graphics card? or will my CPU/ram/mobo be a bottleneck, resulting in the need of other upgrades?

Any help is nice thanks..ive been so out of PC upgrades that I could use any refresher info. thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes your i5 is still VERY strong. No need to even consider updating it.
  2. You have absolutely no reason to upgrade anything except the GPU, you can be sure of that. Last gens intel chipset will still go strong for quite awhile before you will need to upgrade.
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