I can't figure out how to change the background color for wallpapers on WIN10!

I looked everywhere online and I couldn't find a thing. For example I have a wallpaper centered and the backdrop is black but I want to change it to other colors such as white. This was a piece of cake on win7.
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  1. Right click on the desktop and choose personalize from the pop-up menu. If you have an unactivated copy of Windows the personalization options are limited though.
  2. Well it's definitely activated when I checked and I work for a big company that licenses all its software. I guess i'll just ask the admin.
  3. Look in Settings/Update & Security/Activation. Is quicker :)
  4. I already checked there and windows is activated thanks!
  5. Well then do as I said in my first post ;)
  6. Yeah it's still not there and i'm not sure if you understand my question.
  7. I did, I just didn't specifically tell you how to do that one precise thing you asked about. I pointed you toward the customization settings. There is a way to change the background colour and a myriad of other personalization options if you can find them :)
  8. I saw all those options, why not just say specifically where or show a picture instead of the back and forth?
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    Because you used it as an example of a wider query. To answer specifically, set your background to solid colour, choose your colour, then reselect picture.
  10. That worked! Only problem is I don't see white but I do remember what other threads said about that. Sucks that we have to use a white image or that cmd path.
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