Why do people want 120hz refresh rates to eliminate motion blur when they can turn it off in most games?

Most games have a setting which can turn off motion blurring. If not, some game's settings can be modified within their engine document (mostly for UE games).

Some people also confuse it with ghosting. It may also be me, since I have a few games running at 60hz without motion blur and I'm not seeing any ghosting so far.
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  1. Okay, this is how i'm gonna say it.
    Motion blur in games is an artificial creation of blur in order to create a certain effect or feel to the game, or to improve frame rate that can be toggled on and off, which is what you're referring to. It is an in-engine thing that strangely some people like.

    While there may be no ghosting at 60Hz, at higher refresh rates games feel much smoother, you can see more and you can react much faster. Your eye is seeing more frames per second, as your monitor is now displaying a maximum of 120 frames per second as a pose to 60 on a standard LCD monitor. This makes the image crisper, clearer and smoother.
    I hope this cleared it up a little bit, i've tried to simplify it but let me know if you're still confused.
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    usually people want 120hz monitors to deal with screen tearing. i've never heard of anyone buying a high refresh monitor to deal with motion blur
  3. I mean that's reasonable, but isn't there monitors with lower refresh rates that go above 60hz?

    I understand 120hz for FPS games and getting faster response times, but I'm pretty sure that 75hz-100hz should be more than enough for most gamers who aren't worried about that stuff.

    Given that I'm going with 120hz because I'd either only have 60 or 120hz to pick and I would pick it due to no chances of getting screen tearing with a non-over kill system. I also don't want to risk issues by oc'ing a 60hz monitor.

    I mean everyone has their pick for 120hz, but most of the time I see that ghosting complaints are really about motion blur.
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