Windows 10 boot fail - please help me

Hey guys,

I'm having a serious issue with my pc where it fails to boot, it loads up then just before allowing me to login I get an error from my pen tablet.exe driver saying no such interface is supported?! On bootup.. so weird.

I'm also unable to use the windows 10 repair tool to reset my PC. Even with a boot disk, nothing works. Keeps telling it failed.

This all started a few hours ago, I was gaming and my pc suddenly crashed -followed by endless bootup errors all seeming different every time.

What should I do? Does anyone know the cmd prompt command to uninstall said driver I mentioned?

I managed to do some bootrec commands in cmd prmpt, and one said 0 windows installations detected? What!

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I also cant enter safe mode for some reason.
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  1. you should try booting the computer in safe mode. then from there uninstalling the driver you're talking about
  2. @dangus thanks for the reply but Im unable to enter safe mode.
  3. dean2525 said:
    @dangus thanks for the reply but Im unable to enter safe mode.

    why not?
  4. I select safe mode, and it just goes to a endless black screen
  5. reinstall windows, see if that helps.
  6. How would I do that considering all the windows tools/repair do nothing? Even with boot disk.
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    if you are not able to reinstall windows then you either have a bad drive, bad sata cable or bad motherboard. most likely it would be the drive itself. the windows repair feature usually does nothing for me. i've had to use it three times and it always says it failed.

    trying to fix windows instead of just reinstalling is usually just an exercise in frustration. a clean install has always been the best option for me at least
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