G-Sync Monitor for GTX 1070 - 1440p 144hz or 1080p 144hz

Hi All,

Just built a new gaming PC and I'm trying to decide on a monitor to pair with it. I'm pretty sure that I want G-Sync and my budget is around $650 or so. I am mostly trying to decide between 1440p and 1080p resolution.

I will mostly be playing FPS like BF1, Overwatch, and other AAA titles and my completed build is below for reference (mild overclock to 4.2ghz on I5-6600k)

Couple of main concerns:
-What kind of FPS are guys seeing on similar rigs at 1440p resolution?
-Would I likely have to upgrade GPUs soon to maintain 60+ FPS on AAA titles?
-Does dropping below 60fps really even matter with G-Sync?
-How much of a difference does G-Sync truly make?

Monitors I am considering
Dell 27" 1440p
Asus 27" 1440p
AOC 24" 1080P

Thanks everyone!
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    I am not sure about the monitor, but you do know that the GTX is the third strongest GPU of all time? I have a GTX 1070 with an i5-6600K and get 180 FPS at 100% render scale on overwatch. 150% render scale gives me 120 FPS. FPS is not an issue with your build in the least. I have 1080p so for 1440p it would be slightly less, but you will easily have 60+ FPS unless you go 4K.
  2. while ExplosiveChaos is right, you want to stay above 144fps at all time and not drop down to 60 on a 144Hz screen because basically you can just buy a 60Hz display then
    with 1080p/144Hz a GTX 1070 will max out everything
    with 1440p/144Hz the GTX will struggle at max settings to reach more than 60fps depending on the game
    if you're fine tweaking some settings, the card can deliver a great experience at 1440p/144Hz displays

    dropping below 60fps will be nicer with G-Sync than without but it's still better to be above
    with a 144Hz display, I'd say above 100 is preferable

    it comes down to if you want a 27'' screen or a 23.5'' really
    on 1440p you will need to upgrade your GPU earlier than on 1080p though as it puts lots of extra load on the GPU
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