Looking to upgrade my current laptop screen

So, i own a HP Pavilion 15-AB219TX laptop and it has a 15.6 inch 1366*768 display.
I dug through the HP Partsurfer website and finally found that its's screen ID is 809371-001.

I also found out several laptops of almost the similar shape but they have FHD displays. The part number is 809372-001 which is very close to the 768p display. I checked that both the have roughly the same dimensions and the 30-pin connector is located on the same side.

so can i swap them? can someone do a background check?
Can i upgrade?

im really tired of this low res display. doesn't give me much space to work and also,windows doesn't allow me to set my dpi lower than 100% which also would have worked imo.
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    No, you can't. Notebook parts are highly customized and do not exchange the way that desktop parts do. Sorry.
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