which 4th generation i5 processor should i get

i wanted to get the i5 4590 but i saw the 4690 t s etc.dont know what difference it will make i want it to be future proof mostly for gaming
1366x768 resolution
antec earthwatts 650w 80+bronze
kingston hyperx blu 1600 8gb
seagate 1tb hard drive
win 7 sp1 ultimate 64bit
gigabyte ga h97m d3h lga 1150 atx
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  1. Depending on how long you plan on having this setup, if you are thinking along the lines of "future proofing", you should be looking at the i7-4790. Games are getting better threaded and the i7 will hold up longer. It's partly why I got my i7, and 6 years later, I'm just now considering upgrading, but I'm waiting to see what Zen and Kaby Lake will offer. However, my CPU is still going strong.
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    The i5 4590 is great
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