How do I install Windows 10 onto a second drive in UEFI format, without deleting my current disk contents on my old hard-drive

Hi guys,

You all seem really helpful, so thought I'd throw in a bit of a curve-ball which has gotten me running in circles over the last day or so.

I have recently bought a new SSHD. My old hard-drive was relatively cheap a few years ago, and runs on MBR - my new drive can run on GPT (UEFI) which is obviously faster, more reliable and therefore preferable! I want to get the absolute most that I can out of my new drive!

Cloning the current contents of my disk simply writes it in MBR, and thus doesn't give me the full benefits of a Windows UEFI install. Basically, I want to install a fresh copy of Windows 10, onto my new SSHD drive, without having to delete the entire contents of my old drive.

I don't have a Windows 10 CD (I upgraded from Windows 7). Is there any way of doing this?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated,
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    Use this guide for W10 download and installation:[2]=Installation%20and%20Setup
    Connect new drive instead of old one and install Windows on it in UEFI mode if your MB/BIOS are UEFI compatible.
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