Will 1866mhz DDR3 Ram downgrade if I swap CPU's?

I have an i5-4690k in my build that I want to make sure isn't faulty. The problem is, I don't have any sort of way to test it, other than to either put it into a new motherboard (which I don't have) or swap CPU's in this motherboard (which I also don't have.)
I have a motherboard that keeps restarting, and before I start with the RMA process, I want to double check that the CPU isn't causing the problem by swapping it out with a dirt-cheap (WORKING) processor.
I was reading specs from one, and it says the maximum supported ram speed was 1333mhz. If I were to throw this processor into my build, would my ram automatically downgrade to a supported speed or would I have to do this some other way?
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  1. What's the model name of CPU, you want your i5-4690k swap to?
  2. Probably Celeron G1820... and yes, there is no harm if you swap the CPU - your RAM will simply downclock to 1333MHz, as the CPU simply does not support higher frequencies.
  3. haha, I didn't know they made a cheaper version than the 1840 :D
    So I shouldn't have a problem if I buy one for cheap and just throw it in the motherboard?
  4. No, not at all. Fire away ;)
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