Cannot install Windows 10 - IRQL error

Hi all,
Hope someone can help as I'm stumped after 3 days of researching, trying different things & speaking with Microsoft level 2 tech support (who find it difficult calculating the time in Australia & keep calling me at 2am).

I have a PC that has had no issue for the last 5 years.
Gigabyte H55M-D2H motherboard
i3 3.07ghz CPU
2 x 8gb ram (updated 6 months ago)
Wireless LAN pci card
Nvidia GT630
& 2 hard drives (no CD drives)

I formatted the main HDD to install windows 10 & now getting an error at the beginning of the install: IRQL NOT LESS THAN OR EQUAL

After all my research, I tried clearing the CMOS, but that hasn't worked.
I tried booting with 1 stick of ram though my pc just resets after the ram check, so can only go through the BIOS part when I have both in there.

I tried different ram, that didn't change anything, which got me thinking its not the ram?

Tried installing via USB & DVD

I tried updating the BIOS but when I go through Qflash it doesn't recognize any of my USBs.

It was working perfectly before I formatted the drive.

I have unplugged everything apart from the ram & it continues to do the same thing.

Can anyone tell me if something with the motherboard is causing the IRQL error? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Microsoft level 2 tech wasn't sure (I felt they were googling answers).

The ONLY reason I was updating was because the DAC I bought doesn't work with XP.
This is an old cheap PC that I mainly use for music & emulated games, so I would have kept it as XP if not for the DAC.

Hopefully someone can shed some light so I can actually use this DAC & speakers I bought.
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  1. How did you put the install on the flash drive?? Did you use the mediacreation tool?

    I would unplug one of the hdds. Leave the one you want to install Win10 on plugged in. If you haven't tried that yet

    And you did boot from dvd or flash drive right. Not install it from within windows?

    Did it tell you what file/driver crashed?
  2. I used my normal PC to download windows as ISO & created the disc, then used another program to create the USB. Both do the same thing.

    Tried only having 1 HDD, same thing happens.

    Hard drive was formatted before trying windows 10, so yes booted from flash or DVD.

    Doesn't give any other details apart from 'Stop Code: IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL'. & just says to look it up on the Microsoft website, hence why I don't know what else to search on google.
  3. One prob. You installed 2x8 GB sticks on this mobo??

    According to the site, this mobo only supports up to 8 GB max. On the revision 1.3 and 1.4 mobos

    So, you cant use 16 GB on this mobo. It doesnt support it

    That would be the main prob. You can only install 2x2 GB or 2x4 GB on this mobo
  4. Unusual... Why has it been working the last few months on XP?
    Well looks like I'll go buy a new pair tomorrow.
    Thanks for your help, I didn't bother checking that coz it was working previously.

    Fingers crossed...
  5. Best answer
    Well it shouldnt work with XP. That only supports up to 4 GB max. Thats the limitation of XP

    No probs. Hopefully once you replace it with 2x2 or 2x4 GB it works !

    Yup it is strange. Didnt think it would turn on at all. If it recognised that there was 16 GB installed on the mobo
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