Sandsisk SSD Plus 120Gb - much slower then it should be. Any ideas? (Not very high priority).

Hi all. I know this kinds of threads have been made a hundred times over. I am sorry, but I was not able to find a solution.

Basically my SDD is underperforming, see pictures:,
(P.s. webpage was not loading in the second picture.)

My mainboard is H77 Pro4-m (Asrock).
I have done the basic checks.
I have plugged it with a 6Gb/s cable, in a Sata 3 connector. I also have AHCI everywhere enabled in the `Bios' (well UEFI).

It is a fresh Windows 7 install, I only installed the drivers that came with the board (but not the utilities ofc.). Well Lan driver obviously, and then things like Intel Rapid Drive thingy etc. (not 100% sure of the names, I can check if needed, but I don;t thinkk they will not hurt the performance, at least not that much.)

I mean the SSD speeds are... fine... they are not unbearable, they are still much faster then my HDD, but it is very much under performing. I expect that, when an average Brand SSD claims to be 530mb/s, that it is only going to be 450 or so in everyday use, but not 350...

Any ideas?
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  1. That board probably has SATA II ports. Check it's in a SATA III one.

    EDIT "- 4 x SATA2 3.0 Gb/s connectors, support RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, Intel® Rapid Storage and Intel® Smart Response Technology), NCQ, AHCI and Hot Plug functions
    - 4 x SATA3 6.0 Gb/s connectors"
  2. As I said , I checked that it is in a sata 3 port (a few times)
  3. And 120 GB ssd's have less cache that say the 250 GB ssd's. That maybe another reason
  4. Nah it's underperforming I think. I know what you are saying, but according to this it should do better (Pretty lousy write rate tho!)

    Seems to be capped at 350mb/s SATA II speeds somehow.

    Is there a setting in your BIOS to change the SATA mode of each port?
  5. Is there a setting in your BIOS to change the SATA mode of each port?

    Could you elaborate on that pls? (P.s I am answering on my phone, since I have turned off my PC, as its quite late here. I will have to check it tomorrow.)
  6. Ok well had a look at the manual, and first you need to check it's in a grey port not a black one, but you said you made sure it was a SATA III port. You could get SandDisk's software to double check and to give you some more info tho

    In your BIOS, under Advanced Storage Configurations, what settings do you have? Can you post a screenshot? I think two of the SATA III ports may run properly as two have an ASMedia SATA controller.
  7. Thanks Multipack for the help thus far.

    I went into the Bios and took this picture (again, a bit zoomed in

    I also checked again that I used the right port. I used port 12 (A_1). It is the grey port, farthest away from the corner. It is a SATA III port and the cable is a Sata ATA 6G cable, which is, I believe, also SATA III.
  8. Yeah it all looks like it should do as far as I can see. Could you maybe try the non-ASMedia SATA III port (_1 not _A1)? I don't see why it'd make a difference, but I cant really see any reason why it isn't working myself.

    You could also try disabling power management because that probably doesn't help, and turn SMART mode on.

    Is it a new SSD?
  9. Amazing. It worked. I did the things you said, changed the port form A_1 to B_0, turned off power management and turned on SMART. Now its super fast.

    I have no idea why it worked, but hey :) it worked. Thanks a bunch mate.

    P.S how can I select your answer as the right one? :D There is no `pick as the solution'.
  10. Cool. Power management will mess with latency as its is supposed to save power and SMART needs to be enabled on SSD's usually, plus you have two different SATA controllers so I guess one of them isn't as good. Am glad it worked anyway. Nice speeds too! :)

    No pick as solution because it's a discussion style thread. Am just glad you found one.
  11. Well sorry I can not pick it as a solution. But I would if I could :).

  12. Ha no worries bud. Am not worried about that.
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