ASUS RT-AC68U/TM-AC1900 Router working intermittently. Tried everything I know.

About 3 months ago I purchased a Tmobile version of the ASUS RT-AC68U router. I flashed it with ASUS firmware first and then Merlin. Everything was working fine until two days ago.

Here's what happens:

1. If I connect my phone (Galaxy S7) to wifi, my PC (wired to router) loses internet.
2. OR even if I connect my phone to wifi, it still won't have internet.
3. OR neither my phone nor PC have internet.

I tried both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and same result.

Sometimes the router works fine with both wifi and wired PC connection and I have internet on both the phone and PC.

I have factory reset the router (it reverted to Merlin of course, not Tmobile firmware) multiple times. It would work for a bit and then starts messing up.

I have restarted my modem, router, and PC. Still messes up.

If I bypass the router and wire my PC directly to modem, no problems with the internet. No wifi of course at that point.

Last night, I thought I got it to work as it worked fine for hours. Woke up this morning, wifi is not working on my phone.

I'm not sure what to do since I really like this router, it gives me a good range and speeds are excellent.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it!

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  1. Hey Konoplya,

    I have the same router and love it as well!

    One thing that comes to mind is that because you aren't running the software that T-mobile had on it, your not connecting properly to them. This is just a thought that could/could not be the case.

    Also, maybe try reinstalling the ASUS firmware onto the router and do some testing there. If the router isn't working with the firmware that was built for that router, then you know it is a hardware issue. If not, then its a software issue.

    Those are just a couple of tips that can help narrow down the troubleshooting process.

    ~Agent :)
  2. I have been dealing with intermittent internet speeds and internet speed dropping off completely at various times, large downloads resetting internet connection when maxing out speed, and not getting full speeds in general. I was only getting one third of my speed 20Mbs of 60Mbs during speedtests.

    My connections are as follows. I have an Arris cable modem provided by my ISP and I have a Lynksys EA3500 router. Windows PC is wired from directly to router via ethernet. Everything else is wireless in my home (chromebook, xbox, ps4, phones, etc.). Regardless of what device I was using I would receive shoddy and intermittent internet service, even on the computer wired directly to router. There are two easy fixes that I did that completely solved my issues. Hopefully this or a similar fix will work for you or someone else in the future.

    First to solve my internet speeds being one third of what they should be I went into my routers setup (using and turned off "media prioritization" (note: this may be called something different in your routers settings) this setting was limiting my speed to around 20Mbs, because the downstream limit was set so low(25000 kB). alternatively I could have set the setting from 25000 kB to 125000 kB to allow for connections up to 125 MB. As I mentioned I just opted to turn it off. This solved my speed issues and the connection now tests at 65-70Mbs on the 60Mbs connection that I pay for, I get around 50Mbs if my router is near my chromebook or similar device (When using or speakeasy's bandwidth test)

    After doing this I was still getting signal drops when playing videos or using multiple devices on the network, including the wired PC. Youtube buffering constantly, connections dropping during large downloads etc. The next solution I discovered was disabling QoS in windows. I followed the guide below for Win 7 but a quick google search and you should be able to find the method for other operating systems. (

    After turning off the Network QoS Packet Scheduler on my PC, all my issues are solved, my speeds are right where they need to be or above, I am not getting intermittent connections on any of my devices even during peak periods. I've searched many forums over the past month and needed to share a solution that worked for me and fixed a lot of the common issues I know people have. Hopefully this helps someone.
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