Are you using your monitor's "Game Mode"?

Hello peepz,

I've been testing 2 144hz TN monitors lately (Asus VG248QE and BenqXL2430) trying to see which of them is "the one" suited for me. Suffice to say I can obtain some nice picture quality on both of them with one compromise - some areas in some games will be dark as sh**. You won't be able to distinguish some details unless you crank the gamma to the max(and not even then sometimes), or better, use the "Asus Game mode" preset or "Benq Black Equalizer function". And that well.. simply DESTROYS the shadows detail (might as well remove them from games altogether).

So my question to you guys... are you using the monitor "game modes" for a brighter picture with distinguishable details or dragging yourselves in the dark with better shadows?
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  1. Never. The overly exaggerated colors and black crush look like crap.
  2. I game on an older 30" Apple CinemaDisplay. I think it's an IPS panel, 60hz (sometimes listed as 61, idk why), 16ms grey to grey, 2560x1600 resolution, but the colors are perfect, I never need to tweak anything, whether in game or in the GPU driver software, and it's a good old dual link DVI connection that I can actually screw into the back of the graphics card IO plate. I do the odd video/photo shoot, and while editing, I've never found issues with color reproduction.

    No need for game mode gimmicks when the panel itself is high enough quality. I will say that 16ms response time gets me sometimes in twitch shooters though.

    The only real downside to this monitor is its crazy high power draw of 150W+ on a regular basis. :sadface:
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