My new computer cannot download windows 10. Most likely a problem with my optical or hard drive.

I recently decided to make my own computer, even though I have very little knowledge about anything close to what I am trying to do now. I am now trying to install windows 10 onto my computer, but it does not recognize my optical drive (which is where i am trying to install windows from) or my hard drive. They are both plugged in, but only to the power source. Maybe I missed a wire? Thanks.
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    You also need to plug the SATA cables from the Motherboard to the drives.
  2. velocityg4 said:
    You also need to plug the SATA cables from the Motherboard to the drives.

    You're right, but my SATA cables don't have the ones with the smaller end. (I think they're called SATA data cables.) Those are the only type that fit into my motherboard. Do I have to buy a new power source?
  3. Motherboards usually include SATA cables. SATA drives typically have two connectors. One is the power the other data. Each looks similar but the power is much wider.

    The power cable comes from the PSU. The data cable goes from the Motherboard or add in card to the SATA drive. Both the power and data cable must be connected.

    In the case of laptops, external enclosures and some other instances. Both connectors reside on one wider jack.
  4. I too faced the same similar issues with my computer and I have followed a procedure which might help you.

    1. You need to check your Optical drive is Working?

    2. What type of motherboard do you have? If you don't know about motherboards then, you can visit this link.

    3. Once you know your motherboard is compatible with latest windows then, You can search on the Internet "How to install windows in your Pc using CD or USB".

    4. If you will again face the same error then please submit or upload your screenshot here. So, that we can help you.
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