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1st time OC (1.3V manual, 103BCLK), my PC powers off, POST, and gives no monitor signal. I use power button to shut off, cold power on - get a signal:"OC failed". Now, no matter the settings I use (load default settings), I no longer receive monitor signal after a restart. A cold boot gives me a signal, "OC failed", and takes me to BIOS. I can Discard & Exit, with whatever settings I had before the restart, and get into windows fine. I run IBT and prime95 from windows and it doesn't pass 50 degrees. Quite befuddled.

I should note my 1st OC was missing the CPU_OV over voltage jumper. I have it now but nothing has changed.

CPU: i5 6600k
GPU: ASUS 1060 3gb dual (fan) edition
MOBO: Asus z170-ar
RAM: 16gb team t-force 3000mhz
Boot drive: intel 600p 500gb m.2
cooling: cryorig a80
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  1. You don't need to change the CPU_OV jumper unless you're planning to use extreme high voltage, which you wouldn't use for any sort of 24/7 overclock. You have an unlocked multiplier CPU, so you shouldn't be playing with the BCLK at all, just change the multiplier or "ratio" as the Asus BIOS calls it. Unplug your system and pull the CMOS battery, that will force all settings back to default. Once that's done, try overclocking with the multiplier only, and you don't need to go straight to 1.3V, you're best off starting at a lower voltage like 1.2, and slowly increasing your clockspeed until it gets unstable, then bumping up the voltage until it becomes stable.
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