Is this Rig good for gaming?

Hello`this is my first thread ever made and excuse my grammar please. But to the point i was wondering if this rig was good for gaming? here is the specs
Intel core i5 3450 3.10 Ghz
MSI msi h61m-p31 (g3) socket 1155
DDR3 Gskill Ripjaws Ram 4gb
Sandisk plus 120gb ssd
Seagate barracuda 500gb hard drive
Antec 500 watt powersupply
XFX RX 460 dual fan
Random Sata disc drive burner
name black PC case with handle

I spent around 250 Dollars into this Rig i do not know the real price because i had this Machine for 6 years and i kept upgrading and upgrading. Also i got the CPU for free at my school.
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  1. good for gaming, some games can't be at max settings. upgrade your ram if going for gaming. 8gb of ram is now considered the minimum for gaming.
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  2. The system can push the RX 460 (or many other better GPU's) to its limits, so that is your limit. It is a decent gaming rig, the RX 460 is an entry-level GPU that can play all games at med-high settings at 1080p.
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  3. thanks for responding to my mini thread its my first time i really wanted to see if its good enough for gaming and peoples opinion.

    Also ill upgrade to 8 gigs or 16 later on once i get the money.
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