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Hello this is my first time using this forum as i cant find an answer to this question anywhere and not a single video exists on youtube of what i can find.

My question is what does 'X Boost SKY OC' actually do? From what i have found so far it disables integrated-graphics of which is no problem for me as i have a GTX 1060 3GB however this is all i have really found and it would be amazing if someone could help me with this problem and help answer my questions.

If i were to press 'X' to enable 'X Boost SKY OC' could it have any possible chance of damaging my system? Further more would this increase temperatures significantly enough to the point where a intel stock cooler does not have the capability to cool the CPU? As well as that besides disabling integrated graphics on my Intel core i3-6100 would this increase voltage or/and would it increase CPU frequency.

So what im trying to say would it just be a case of pressing 'X' to enabling it waiting for my system to restart and continue with life or is there more to it? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps answer this for me!

Heres an image if its any help its the yellow text thats causing me this headache

Here's my specs if it matters...

CPU: Intel Core i3-6100
RAM: CORSAIR VENEGENCE LPX 2400MHZ (2X8) - I already have my XMP profile selected to one to max out my RAM frequency if thats of any significance.
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  1. SKY OC overrides Intel microcodes to allow overclocking of Non K CPU, and OC is done via BCLK. I believe X Boost makes this process partly automated by changing a set of settings. Impact of Non K OC is disabled integrated graphics and limited C-states, which still allows hibernation/sleep but disables things like SpeedStep (automatic voltage and frequency control). The CPU will run as if you enabled High Performance power plan.

    Hope this helps
  2. So is this safe then?
  3. so is this safe then?
  4. I'm not too familiar with X Boost, so I can't say about its safety. Admittedly, I'm skeptical of most automatic OC features. In your shoes, I'd learn to enable and configure settings manually when using Sky OC. Having knowledge of each setting helps with troubleshooting.

    As for the i3, you should be ok with a modest OC on stock cooling (around 4Ghz). The chip doesn't run hot until pushed well into 4Ghz+ territory
  5. If i were to push the chip to 4.0Ghz from 3.7Ghz do you think that would require changing and adjusting voltages or would i be fine just changing my BCLK i know that CPU's are not created equally and i realise its basically a silicon lottery but on average do you think it would be highly possible to push the chip to 4.0GHz without changing voltage?
  6. It's possible that you won't, but it's more likely that you will. The good news is it won't need very much for 4.0Ghz. Most voltage increases are lost to diminishing returns near the top.
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