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I installed windows media on my USB and made my computer boot with USB first. When Windows prompts to install it then asks for product key and I put my w7 key because it works. Then it takes me to upgrade: install Windows and keep files, settings and apps or custom install windiws onlyou. If i pick upgrade it tells me the computer started using Windows Media. Remove the installion media and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally. But it won't start without usb.if i chooae custom where all my settings will be deleted (makes sense given its fresh ssd) itll go into windows installing. But I thought I should get a prompt asking me to download off usb drive? My other hhd is disconnected. SSD is only one connected.
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  1. Only use the keep your files function if you want to preserve files from your previous windows otherwise use the advanced and just format the disk.
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    So you have a fresh, empty SSD inside your PC, and the HDD is not connected ?
    And you are booting your PC with USB stick that has Windows installation media ?

    This means you do not have anything on that SSD drive and you should do the clean install as there is nothing to upgrade. I.e. just go ahead with installing Windows to your empty SSD drive. After that connect whatever HDD you have with your data.
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