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Can anyone suggest a good 720p display to go along my rx 460 for gaming as my old crt won't cut it anymore.
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  1. They don't really sell 720p displays anymore, 1080p is pretty much the minimum and they're dirt cheap. Something like this would be fine.
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  2. probably a good idea to post how much you want to spend.
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  3. Around 150 Usd . BTW will running 720p on a 1080p display have any degradation in visual quality compared to running it on a native 720p monitor
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  4. Gaming at 720p on a 1080p screen is fine. Ebay is a good place. What games are you playing? Do you need to game at 144hz?
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  5. games like rise of the tomb raider, bf1 etc . 144 hz is not a requirement as is low response times
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    Something like the ViewSonic VX2757-MHD would be good: 75 hz freesync 2 ms, low blue light mode, Flicker Free.
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