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I am building a new PC and am looking to buy a new budget/cheap monitor. I have currently set my sights on the below 2 monitors
1. LG 25UM58 - Ultrawide
2. LG 23MP68VQ

Ok before I get suggestions let me tell my use cases.
1. Cheap monitor
2. Moderate gaming
3. Looking to put in an Rx 480 or GTX 1060. I selected the LG 23MP68VQ because of the free-sync. So I want to know if I am putting any of the above cards will it be helpful if I choose a monitor with Free-sync. I know that Nvidia does not work with free sync. Just want to know that if it is worth or pointless having a free-sync monitor if I put a card like RX 480.
4. Would love to game on high graphics using either of the above cards.
5. 24 inch and above.
6. Crisp display IPS. (The LG 25UM58 has a higher resolution so is it worth?)
7. Aesthetic would be a plus point. Border-less will be lovely.

I live in India so I am limited to certain monitor brands and models. So if you have any suggestions other than the above please let me know.

I guess the main deciding point would be is it worth going for a free-sync monitor if I am putting an Rx 480 or not. I will not be upgrading the PC for another 4 years probably.

Suggestions will be highly appreciated as it would ease my choice. Thanks
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  1. You choose the size. There's a good video for the LG 23MP68VQ
  2. cwli1_ said:
    You choose the size. There's a good video for the LG 23MP68VQ—bLGYAbswu9GtqRViIu&index=7

    Thanks for your response cwli1. I just want to know if getting a freesync monitor will be of any benefit assuming that I will buy a AMD card. If the RX 480 is good enough to handle games without the need of a freesync monitor i'll go for the ultrawide one.

    I have got my eyes on the 25" ultrawide monitor but just the "Freesync" feature is making me look towards the 23". If the ultrawide monitor had freesync I would have gone for it.

    Sorry if I seem to be making a hype about freesync. I am assuming that it will really improve my gaming experience.

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    I changed the link to the YouTube video as it wasn't correct.

    The LG 25UM68 & lg-29UM68 have freesync if you can find them. If not the rx480 would benefit from freesync so choose the lg 23MP68VQ.

    You could also check wikipedia for 'rx 200' or '300' cards. You might get them second hand on Ebay.
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