New: Tom's Hardware Deals (Update: 7/28/2017)

Here at Tom’s Hardware, we live in a state of constant evolution. We cover revolutionary hardware released multiple times a year, and we play a part in helping readers design and build new PCs every day. And we recognize that our devoted community plays a key role in helping people around the world in their system building efforts.

In this new section of the Classifieds forum, we hope to make it even easier for our community to find excellent deals on computer hardware and games. We will regularly update this page with deals we find, but we encourage readers to post any deals we miss. Any deals we feel are too good to miss will then be added to this post to ensure they get the attention they deserve.

If you live outside of the U.S., feel free to post your deals here too! For deals outside of the US, please indicate the currency used beside the price.

Please only post deals that offer exceptional savings, though, as we want to keep the page as neat and organized as possible.

Case Deals

Rosewill Nighthawk 117
Price: $149.99 / $104.99

CPU Deals

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
Price: $399.99 / $299.99

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
Price: $499.99 / $419.99

Intel Core i7-6700
Price: $314.99 / $249.20

Keyboard Deals

Bloody B720 Light Strike
Price: $129.99 / $75.00

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum
Price: $159.99 / $109.68

Mice Deals

Logitech G300s
Price: $39.99 / $28.37

Razer Diamondback Chroma
Price: $89.99 / $45.75

Storage Deals

Corsair Force MP500 480GB
Price: $299.99 / $247.00

PNY CS2030 480GB
Price: $329.99 / $237.33

Thermal Paste Deals

Antec Nano Diamond Forumla 7
Price: $20.99 / $11.45

Arctic Silver AS5-12G
Price: $24.99 / $14.80


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  1. Really good deal on a mouse and keyboard combo here:

    Deal Ended.
    Reply to TechyInAZ
  2. Great deal on a Gigabyte laptop with a gtx 1070 for $1400.
    Reply to killerchickens
  3. rock solid deal on a new LG 34UM60-P 34" 2560x1080 21:9 monitor

    $299 free shipping after code GAMEON100 (no tax for most)
    Reply to markodeals
  4. I'm on the hunt for some new coolers, and this one is almost 40% off, not a bad deal:

    Deal Ended.
    Reply to snorlax316
  5. Prime MEMBERS price only.
    Reply to SR-71 Blackbird
  6. Canon PIXMA TS6020 Compact Wireless All-in-One Auto Duplex Printer for $65 + Free Shipping!

    promo code = AFFP517
    Reply to markodeals
  7. is offering 15% off of your first 3 purchases (up to $30 off), free shipping, and no tax in many states. This makes them the lowest prices in most tech stuff in the ~$200 range including most cpus.
    Reply to CTurbo
  8. CTurbo said: is offering 15% off of your first 3 purchases (up to $30 off), free shipping, and no tax in many states. This makes them the lowest prices in most tech stuff in the ~$200 range including most cpus.

    JET = Walmart , no thank you.
    Reply to SR-71 Blackbird
  9. Hupiscratch said:

    With everybody realizing that the 1700 and 1700X can be overclocked to 1800X speeds, I'm sure AMD had to lower the price a bit to make sure they keep selling.
    Reply to TechyInAZ
  10. EVGA CLC 280 CPU Water Cooler Price: $139.99 / 99.99. EVGA designed this water cooler with a solid copper mounting plate and a large 280mm radiator. The radiator has two fans 140mm fans that can generate 113.5 CFM of airflow.

    Deal on the EVGA cooler appears to be gone. The link on the main Tom's Hardware web page points to the wrong item (and is pulling the price from the actual linked item, and an image from yet a third unrelated item).,30458.html
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  11. You joined Tom's just to tell us about, mmbm105?

    You wouldn't happen to be linked to that Walmart partner now would you? We can read the BB Code behind your post.
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  12. Saga, where can I find BB code? I don't see it and didn't know about. Can you please give me the link so I can read BB code, thanks. I am trying to win free giving away from Tom's Hardware prize and I am confused on how to win this thing. I assumed it was just post to tell them where to find cheaper price to see if I can beat their deals. Walmart sells $418, can pick up at local store to avoid shipping cost or join Walmart program get free shipping like Amazon Prime for free 2 days shipping. Yes, I just joined Tom's and am new at their websites except main page for daily reading news. Thanks.
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  13. You can't see the BB Code but Moderators and paid staff can.

    Seems to me you only need to go to your local Walmart and buy that chip for that price.
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  14. Thanks for update these things
    ,i like this new section of the Classifieds forum.
    Reply to rohit456
  15. us only?
    Reply to dullridge
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