144hz monitor with 60hz second monitor

Hi guys!

I have some problems with a dual monitor set up. My 144hz monitor is connected to my GPU via a DP cable and my 60hz monitor is also connected via the GPU via an HDMI cable. I've set up 144hz in windows and nvidia control panel.

While gaming, If I am in borderless mode, my fps is stuck at 120 and doesn't go above. I can also note a brief lag. If I disconnect my second monitor, all problems all solved and I get 180 fps with no lag at.

I'd like to add that if I run the game in full screen, I don't have that problem but borlerless used to work without any of those problems before I reformatted the PC.

What could it be? the second monitor clearly has an effect on my main display. I was considering buying a second 144hz if I can't fix this.

Thank you!!!


AOC g2460pg
Asus asus vp247h-p


I7 4790K
Asus Strix 980 ti
Asus Maximus hero II
16gb Ram
Corsair h100i v2
Corsair rm1000
Adata SSD for OS and drivers
Samsung SSD for whatever else
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    Try uninstalling your drivers with this tool and then reinstalling the latest one.
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