The Tom's Hardware Definitive List of PC Games: Most Replayable

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The Tom's Hardware Definitive List of PC Games: Most Replayable

Are we living in a new "golden age" for PC Gaming? Of course, it is impossible to give a definitive answer. The distance of time and a heaping dose of nostalgia are both necessary prerequisites for any "golden age". And, while it may be easy to argue the merits of one generation over another, one thing is abundantly clear: PC Gaming in 2017 is more widespread and more accessible than ever before. The maturation of digital distribution, a new diversity of platforms, and the adoption of x86 CPU architecture by console manufactures have together, created the perfect environment for a PC Gaming renaissance. PC Gamers have access to more games than ever before, including overlooked titles from past generations and current games that would have been either too costly or too difficult to port. Games are so ubiquitous that you're more likely to hear complaints of having too many games, rather than too few. The number of "good" games is now so great that even the hardest of the most hardcore gamers struggle in their search to find the very best.

To help navigate this brave new world for gaming, Tom's Hardware is in the process of assembling the definitive list of PC games in a number of genres. We've already put a few lists together, but the number of titles is lacking. While the Tom's Hardware Editorial team is few in number, the Tom's Hardware Community is legion. With your input we hope to assemble a list of the best and worst PC games that can truly be called definitive. Over the next few weeks we'll be collecting Community feedback across multiple categories. Once we have a sufficient number of submissions, we'll have the Community vote on the most popular, with a showcase of the winning games on the Tom's Hardware homepage.

This thread will decide the most replayable PC Games.

To help get you started here are the Editorial Team's list of the most replayable PC Games. Remember we're looking for suggestions that aren't on the list below.

May the most replayable PC Game win!

Civilization V


Age of Empires II

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

The submission period is now over. Click here to vote on the Tom's Hardware Definitive List of PC Games
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  1. Steam/Arc Neverwinter. A Free to PLAY D&D based game, actually makes it possible to earn the elite items without having to spend out cash, although that's possible too, and unlike skyrim or a few others is quite impossible to beat in a day. A simply massive world with a constantly evolving game plan, thousands of missions, campaigns to challenge both the new and the powerful, yet staggered to keep player ranges equitable. PvP or PvE or both.
  2. Counter Strike Global Offensive
  3. Mount & Blade- Warband
  4. Have played Shadow of Chernobyl four times to completion and the Lost Alpha remake twice.
    Played Crysis & Warhead yearly. Probably came to ~8 times each.
    Morrowind and Oblivion maybe 3-4 times each. Completed Skyrim twice and started a couple other characters.
    We used to get drunk and run through Halo 2 on the xbox all the time over weekend nights, probably totaling 20-30 times. After getting on PC, have played through a couple more times.

    I usually don't play games more than once, at least for the last 10 or so years.
  5. I'm addicted to mods. I'll look into the Oblivion and skyrim mods every now and then, and someone's invariably come up with something I really like. Consequently, I now have characters in both that have better curves than most playboy bunnies and have 0 issues with multiple decapitations and more gore and blood spatter than you'd find in a sloppy butcher shop. Very far cry from the original toads on the stock games. Oh, did I mention some of the kill shots where my skyrim vamp literally decapitates with a bite then drops the head at her feet?
  6. Wing Commander series when I was a kid.
  7. Picking up where Civ 5 left off, I'd nominate Civ 6 for this list, even though it's not even a year old, it has all the makings of an endlessly replayable game (and I do have several thousand hours on Civ 5, as well!)
  8. I have to disagree with Skyrim. Only mods make Skyrim tolerable and the SE still has no script extender, which means you're stuck with the craptastic default ui, and that alone renders it unplayable.
  9. I also have to disagree with Civ6. I lost interest after just a week. Worst Civ launch ever, and then there's they shady, dickish practices of the publisher.
  10. For me, it's a tie between StarCraft/Brood War & Rise of Nations.
  11. Kotor II. Can someone plz get some more mods uploaded! There's plenty for Kotor, but Kotor II choices are dismal at best.
  12. StarCraft/Brood War, Counter strike, Battenfeild and GTA5.
  13. If Overwatch is in this list then Dota 2, LoL should also be there. Highly replayable games. Can never get bored of it. For SP only games, I think i replayed Half Life 2 the most. I usually replay short games.
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