AMD Radeon dual-monitor setup quit working...

Long after I'd transitioned to Win10, my dual-monitor setup has abruptly gone bad. Previously, on those rare occasions when some display setting didn't come back correctly after a reboot, I was always able to re-tweak things using the Windows display settings, but no more. Delving into the AMD settings (it's an AMD Radeon R7 200 card) was a rare experience, and now seems a one-way ticket to more problems: clicking on their "quick setup" leaves me with both monitors magnified about 500% with nothing clickable on either one at that point, so it effectively poisons any dual-monitor use until I reboot. IIRC the other AMD option is "advanced setup," and last time I tried that I got no joy.

The "entertainment monitor" sits in the living-room for download-viewing, on an HDMI cable. My desktop monitor is right next to my PC, fed via DVI. Nothing about this setup has changed for, well, years.

If I reboot, I can drive both monitors, set to "extend", but the LR monitor is basically useless now: clicking any icon in the taskbar has no visible impact at that monitor, just back at the desktop monitor. I can't drag anything onto it, either.

My workaround to use the LR monitor is to unplug the desktop monitor (DVI connector at card) and plug in the HDMI (to the LR monitor); detection ensues and full functionality is available at the LR monitor then, but obviously this isn't a great fix.

Suggestions/diagnostics, anyone?
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  1. anyone got anything here? How would I know whether this is a vid card gone bad?
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