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Hey guys, i'm about to start buying parts for my new PC, I have a rough idea of what I'm after but I'm still after some advice and ideas. Below is the case which I intend to buy already, the CPU i'm moving from my old PC to the new one and the same goes for the Hard drive. Maybe you guys can help fill in the blanks.

CPU...............Intel - Core i5-3330 3.0GHz Quad
Storage...............WD - Caviar Green 2TB 5400RPM
Video Card...............?
Case...............NZXT - S340 ATX Mid Tower
Power Supply...............?
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  1. I think the first question I would ask is why are you changing the motherboard? And what about the old RAM? I can only assume because the motherboard is broken because in and of itself the new parts aspect doesn't really make a great deal of sense without knowing the purpose of buying new parts.

    A faster HDD is generally good to have too, but isn't on your list of parts to get.
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  2. Buying a new motherboard for that old processor is not a good idea unless yours is broke.
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  3. It's a long story Obaksama, basically Advent screwed me over and the motherboard that they supplied does not allow for a graphics card upgrade, and as for the RAM its DDR3.
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  4. Right, that explains the need then. Because as I was getting at, and what Zerk2012 states, a motherboard change in and of itself doesn't make a great deal of sense. The additional complication for you is that you'd need a new copy of Windows too.

    Advent being a PC World own brand PC (my previous PC was Advent), it means that Windows was locked to that motherboard. The RAM from the old motherboard should work with a new motherboard for that CPU - it'll still be DDR3.

    The next question is what is your budget? That would help determine whether a new build is feasible for the money you are willing to spend.
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  5. Wait, so you're saying that my new motherboard has to be DDR3 compatible for the CPU?

    As for the budget, I havn't really put aside the money for my new build, i'm just going sum the total of everything i've decided on and get them as money permits, if that makes sense.
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  6. Essentially, yes. A CPU will determine what RAM it uses (memory controller is on the CPU I believe).

    Additionally, a CPU will also determine what socket it will fit. This immediately limits you to motherboards which support the i5-3330. At that time, DDR4 wasn't released yet if memory serves.

    The newest motherboards won't be compatible with your CPU or existing RAM.
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  7. Gotta love PC building lol Erm ok I guess its not the end of the world if I have to go for an older MOBO, do you have have any recommendations?
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  8. Afraid that's the problem with PC tech. It is constantly changing.

    The tricky part now is the availability of parts. I use a site called PC Part Picker which gives a good oversight of things. For the Ivy Bridge CPUs like yours, the motherboards seem to be low in supply brand new from most UK sites. What is certain is that you'll need to look for motherboards which have H77 or even Z77; those are more gaming orientated.

    For reference, this is Intel's own compatibility chart for your CPU:

    Generally, 'Z' model motherboards are made with overclocking in mind but this would require an unlocked CPU - a 'K' suffixed CPU. Z motherboards generally are capable of running more USB ports though.

    But... well... using PC Part Picker:

    Either out of stock or silly prices (could almost build a new PC foundation if choosing components carefully). The other choice is buying used.
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  9. Don't want to go for used and I'm too big on overclocking either, I just need a motherboard that is compatible with all my parts really and then in the future I could look into upgrading the mobo, cpu and ram.
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  10. Hard work mate , socket 1155 boards disappeared from the UK retail market over a year ago !
    You'll likely have to go second hand.
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    About the only site that lists new stock.
    That board will run new pascal & polaris cards fine.

    Email them first though , while they're a legitimate supplier they're notorious for listing stock they don't actually have!!
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  12. Ok, I sent them an email.

    I cant seem to get that mobo on part picker however, so making sure everything will be compatible might be complicated.
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  13. Yeah, looks like madmatt30 is right. I checked all the PC sites I know of and none of them have those motherboards.

    As an aside, the CPU you have won't allow for normal overclocking as it is a locked processor rather than unlocked.
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  14. It'll work mate because I have a 3470 running on one with 8gb Kingston value ram , also worked with ballistix sport & Kingston hyper x - not picky on ram at all.

    Partpicker UK only picks up the 6 or 7 mainstream sites not the small independents.

    Its a no frills board & in all honesty is overpriced , old retail was about £50.
    You pay what you have to now though & its uefi bios & works with new cards so its the only one I can personally recommend 100% guaranteed .
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  15. Alright, while I'm waiting to hear back from them, do you have recommendations for the rest of the parts I need?
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  16. What ram do you currently have in the advent ?? It'll likely work fine on the asrock board.

    GPU & PSU really depend on each other.
    What are your goals here ?? & your budget ??
    1080p 60fps ?? That's an easy one with a myriad of choices.
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  17. I currently have 8GB 2x4GB DDR3 1333 MHz. Not good I know.

    Yeah, 1080p & 60fps is a nice sweet point honestly, compared to what i'm pulling in now lol

    Again I haven't really worked out a budget, i'm gonna add everything up and see if I can get everything right away or not.
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  18. They look good mate, any specific reason for that GPU (just curious)

    I guess now it's a waiting game for the mobo company to reply.
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  19. Yes mate , because its the cheapest good quality card I can find that will do a solid 60fps in just about any title out there on at least high settings.
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  20. Ah.

    Would you mind taking a quick look at the part picker link to the system so far, bare in mind the mobo on there isnt the same one we have discussed but its the closest I could find. One of the issues talks about the CPU and the BIOS, what do you think?
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  21. The board I linked dg3-usb3 is a newer model mate.
    It supports i5-3*** chips on a first revision bios & also has a usb3 front panel header.
    Both of those discrepancies can be ignored.
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  22. Spot on, thanks for taking your time out to help me, i'll let you know if the mobo company got back to me :)
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  23. Ok, so I ended up ringing PCUpgrade and they don't have your recommended mobo funny enough, however they have this one (GA-B75M-D2V) and they said that is the closest mobo to the one I originally wanted, thoughts?
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  24. Better than the asrock I listed mate .
    Also has sata 3 , supports the i5 on first revision BIOS.
    Partpicker shows someone running a RX 480 on 1 so the new amd cards definitely work ,& the gtx1*** 'should' aswell

    Looks a winner.
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  25. Cool
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  26. The only thing I can find wrong with it is that its a bit on the blue side - you are not going to be colour matched ;-)
    Beggars can't be choosers though.
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  27. Yeah, and I cant remember how the guy put it, but he said the motherboard is bran new, however it doesnt come in its original packaging (just a brown box) and also there wont be an IO shield included. Its making me re-think the computer case haha
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    £44 - no frills , no usb3
    Cheap as chips though & will do the job if in stock mate.

    Worth a quick phone call
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  29. I've already ordered the GA-B75M-D2V, judging what I should get next if it even matters in a certain order.
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  30. Well assuming you only have the advent prebuild at the minute ??
    A PSU mate really.

    You aint running a GPU without one.
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  31. Yeah, good point.

    Im looking at the Corsair 550W that you linked, might go for it .
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  32. Can you do case & PSU at the same time ?? Will save on delivery
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  33. On Amazon there was a selection to do that but it just said item not available.
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  34. Amazon is great if you have free prime delivery & want stuff next day.

    The big shops , ebuyer , scan, dabs do collect from store options nowadays though for about a fiver generally.

    If you have a nearby store that does ups or collect+ deliveries you can get better deals than amazon.

    You after a white or black case ?? Need an optical drive bay ??
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  35. I quite like the white cases with a window and yeah I want an optical drive bay.
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  36. You are aware the s340 you've kept looking at doesn't have an optical bay ??

    At scan the cx550 (non modular version which is the exact same PSU as the cxm 550 but with fixed cables ) is £48

    I'll point you to the Elysium (to get a gist of what you like)

    Because quite frankly while its not the absolute best quality materials wise , its good enough , is insane value & is a real looker.

    2 included intake fans , optical bay, tinted perspex front & sidw panels windows , 240mm rad support with metal magnetic filters .
    Full length psu & hard drive shroud.
    For £35 !!!!!

    Then only thing you need to add is a 120mm rear exhaust & you're good to go

    & thats how to do a quality case & PSU for less than £100 delivered ;-)
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  37. To be honest, I never really look at any other sites for PC products other than Amazon, shows how much of a novice I am with this stuff ;)

    As long as I can fit everything in I may aswel go for them for that price!
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  38. You could fit anything in that case & run any CPU+GPU combo on that PSU mate.

    They have the exact same items on amazon prim , if you have free prime delivery theyll be about the same price in total.(everything is a couple of quid more)
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  39. More expensive on Amazon? I don't have Prime anymore.
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  40. Yeah , case is £3 more , PSU £5 , fan £2.

    If you have a ups collection point shop near you I think scan delivery is £8 , to your door its a tenner.
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  41. Yes mate , just the GPU - the issue there is Amazon is nowhere near the best option for GPU's price or availability wise.

    Rx 570 or 580 depending on budget if you want solid 60fps gaming.

    From other places you can get a 580 for the same price as a 570 on amazon at this moment in time.
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  42. Its the cheapest 570 in the UK at then minute bar a gigabyte mini model which is £5 less but inferior.

    So yes for the money the best you can do at this moment.
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  43. I might go for it, its just with it being the most expensive part ive bought so far, I want to be sure on it.
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  44. I look at the 570/g think it should be cheaper then remember it performs virtually the same as the slightly older 480 4gb.

    Really pricepoint wise there isn't anything else.

    The 1050ti is 30% cheaper & also 30% weaker , the 580 4gb & 1060 3gb are 10% more & 10% stronger.

    The 570 is probably the perfect pairing with an ivy i5 in all honesty from a performance point of view.

    Bear in mind (I forgot this before) these cards do not have analog out (VGA) so your monitor needs to be HDMI or dvi .
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  45. Good think you mentioned it, there's a DVI cable added to the list haha, going to order the 570 now
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