Hyper TX3 Evo - An excellent cheap aftermarket CPU cooler, IMHO.

I created this new thread because I didn't want to bump the older ones.

- I was having heating issues with the FX-8300, it would reach 50 - 65ºC and sometimes even 70ºC under not-so-heavy loads, the stock cooler that came with it would go into turbojet mode, 5000, 6000RPM...
Starting at 30-40ºC at idle...

- I reseated it, idle temps dropped to 14-15ºC...

- Decided to get a third-party cooler, went for the TX3 Evo as it would fit comfortably inside the K380 case. Now idle temps sometimes go as low as 11ºC (it's 19 degrees outside now...)
I ran Prime95 blend test for 5 minutes, and under 99% load, all 8 cores being used, temperatures didn't go above 41ºC!

Very cool folks! I highly recommend this CPU cooler!
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  1. Good to hear :)
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  2. While your 41C under load might be very good, 11C at idle is physically impossible.
    It cannot be below the ambient room temp.

    11C is ~52F. Unless you are sitting in a walk in cooler....that idle is simply misreading the temp.
    As is known to happen with AMD.
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  3. What are the thermal margins at full load? Use AMD Overdrive to check them because your temperatures are impossible. I use a TX3 Evo on an i5-4590 and I would hesitate to use it with a much warmer FX-8350.
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  4. Sorry for the late reply friends... It's been very cold here these days, ambient temp at 15C now in my city.
    The computer will initially idle at 15C, then under full load, with Prime95, never goes past 55, 60C. Which I heard is fine.
    Just using the PC normally with no heavy load, stays at 22, 25 degrees.
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