Dual monitor setup doesn't work (graphics card/motherboard)

Short version of my problem:
Screen flickers when 2 monitors are plugged in separately (1 DVI on video card, 1 VGA on motherboard). IGD enabled in BIOS. Screens have different resolutions. They won't work together and keep turning on and off.

Long version
I am trying to get my pc to work with 2 monitors, the first one being a Full HD Asus monitor plugged to my graphics card via DVI, and the second one a lower res LG monitor, plugged in to my motherboard (Z170 A SLI Plus) on its VGA port.
I have enabled IGD in the BIOS, and tried almost every amount of memory available (I tried the standard memory setting, and the highest ones).

My problem is:
When IGD is enabled, and both of my monitors plugged in (like I explained before, DVI on video card and VGA on motherboard), the computer first boots up normally but after one or two seconds logging into Windows, the screens start flickering.
As I'm not logged in yet, only one of the two monitors actually display something, but the screen turns off for 1 second, turns back on for 1 or 2 seconds, and turns back off again. It keeps doing that and I haven't figured out why.

Therefore, I am currently using only one of my two monitors (the one plugged to the video card ofc), with IGD disabled and the second monitor off and unused. I know I could buy an adapter to plug both screens to the video card but I'm also supposed to be able to use them the way I'm trying to! Unless I missed something in terms of compatibility when I bought the parts.

Anyway! That's my problem. I hope someone can help me solve it, or maybe someone else has a similar issue? Thanks in advance.
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  1. You can try to plug both of your monitors to your GPU. What video card are you using?
  2. Vasil_1 said:
    You can try to plug both of your monitors to your GPU. What video card are you using?

    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunately, as I explained, I can't do that right now and I would have to buy a VGA adapter which I would like to avoid. The secondary monitor won't require the power of a graphics card the way I intend to use it anyway!
  3. I've done some other tests, but nothing ends up working and the same kind of problem happens.
    I couldn't find anyone else in the same case on the internet.
    I found this though https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z170A-SLI-PLUS.html#down-bios
    And I'd like to know what it is and if it can help me solve my problem maybe? Thanks.
  4. Sorry for the "bump".
    But it's been some time already and I still haven't found an answer to my problem.
    I tried installing drivers but I'm actually running Windows 10 Enterprise and couldn't find anything compatible or that could help me.
    Does this help? Thanks.
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