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Recently i experience BSOD - Dpc watchdog violation on laptop every time i boot in Normal mode. In safe mode i didn't have any problem. From the minidumps and from other's help we saw that the problem was AMD Radeon Card. So i disable it from safe mode and tried to install newest drivers in normal mode but while it was installing BSOD again. Then i tried to unistall drivers in safe mode from device manager but instead AMD Radeon is not showing in device manager. I tried to install newest drivers but only Amd catalyst control was installed and then after 1-2 minutes blue screen again. Here are the two minidumps of the last BSOD

It's seems like whenever i do something related with amd catalyst control center pc freeze and then blue screen.
I tried to unistall AMD catalyst control center from programs in Normal Mode and blue screen. I can't unistall it from safe mode because it needs Windows Installer. Can i somehow do it? Also i have a backup registry could this solve the problem? Still no AMD Radeon HD 7670 in device manager , only HD graphics 4000.
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  1. Did you download the drivers via the following link:

    Verify that you did indeed download the correct driver.

    Did note a variety of online links related to the 7670 and BSOD's. Seems problematic.

    For example: note the bottom most post in the following link:

    May be some inherent configuration issue.
  2. use graphics drivers which were released on the laptop manufacturer´s homepage
    Those are the drivers which I tried to install. As I said whenever I try to do something related with AMD Radeon graphic card pc freeze and then blue screen. For example i couldn't even uninstall amd catalyst control center in normal mode. Can I do it somehow in safe mode? I forgot to mention the problem caused when I launched Dota2 game and pc froze.
    Thank your for your answers
  4. which laptop model is it?

    use ddu uninstaller to remove all amd graphics drivers
  5. Many thanks for helping me sir,

    I did. Finally i got rid of amd drivers using ddu unistaller in safe mode. Then i reboot in normal mode and started to install latest AMD drivers. Install was on progress and i thought finally the problem solved. Then pc froze and BSOD Dpc Watchdog Violation. It's like the system don't want to use AMD Radeon, although now is recognised in Device manager and shows it has drivers installed. There is the latest minidump file of BSOD

    My laptop is a Hp pavilion G6 with i3 3110, HD graphics 4000 and AMD radeon 7670M switchable.
    Should i unistall both cards drivers with DDU unistaller and then install HD first and Radeon next based in the link you provided me ? Right now i've disable AMD from device manager in safe mode and i am using laptop in Normal mode without problems.
  6. delete the divers and use the hp drivers for your laptop, don´t know your exact model, which should be labeled bottom side of it, like: HP Pavilion g6-2311sg

    this model would need these drivers:

    Which windows version are you using?
  7. Should I delete both Intel and AMD drivers with display device Uninstaller and then after reboot in normal mode install Intel first and amd second? Without graphic drivers could the pc boot in normal mode? Can I test my Radeon somehow to see if it is hardware problem?
    I am using Windows 10
  8. uninstall delete both, maybe windows 10 will install the correct drivers after that

    try the windows 8.1 drivers from the HP homepage if not
  9. helpstar said:
    uninstall delete both, maybe windows 10 will install the correct drivers after that

    try the windows 8.1 drivers from the HP homepage if not

    Might be hardware issue. Laptop was making noise when i was playing games. Now the most of the noise is gone while i have disable AMD and using only Intel HD graphics 4000. Can i somehow test graphic card for hardware problems?
  10. Best answer
    test it in another system

    furmark to stress test the gpu
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