Where have my threads/posts gone?

Hi, the post's threads that I have previously done no longer seem to be visible?
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  1. hm, the most recent one i can find is this:

    the most recent reply would be that one:

    would you mind to exectly descripe what's missing from your point?
  2. Hi Tesetilaro,

    Well I could have sworn previously there was a section which showed all my posts/replies within my profile/account.

    Even the one you have mentioned is completely invisible from within my profile/account.


    this would be all the threads you have made here.

    this would be all the threads you follow. if you reply to a thread you will auto-follow it unless you click the stop tracking this thread link

    i'm not sure if there was ever a link in our profiles to show threads we responded to. i do agree that searching for threads leaves much to be desired though.
  4. Thank you for your reply SSDDX.

    To be honest this is a complete mess.

    I searched earlier on my username and found nothing.

    I clicked tracked threads and got zero posts.

    Indeed the previous commentor searched and found just one post.

    However I have just logged in now, clicked tracked threads, and hey presto there are now 9, 4 of which are my posts.

    Obviously, to prove my point, this post/thread is missing!

    So the previous person could only find 1 post even though there are 5 (including this one).

    Its such a pity as this site is really good apart from not actually working correctly.

    There is little point using a site if it can not remember your own posts and or posts you have commented/answered/been selected as best answer.

    And I think some of my posts are quite good, with nice pix!


  5. Must be an issue specific to your user ID. I can see hundreds of threads I have started, replied to or tracked.
  6. About the only thing I can see which I did different from earlier was to turn my VPN off.

    I would have thought User ID was constant once logged in.
  7. Best answer
    i'm not sure why tes said he saw one thread as i can see everything you've posted since day one as can every other mod or staffer. yes, i wish we could view the list for our own account in our profile and hopefully that is a feature one day.

    searching for your username does not work as you would think on this forum software. instead, limiting it to "author name" on the "all thread categories" page is the method you want to use. we are well aware of the limitation and hopefully in the future it gets improved.

    unless you stopped tracking threads they should show up on the list in my tracked threads. it works perfectly fine on my end other than phantom alerts once in a long while.

    bear in mind that while our forum software leaves much to be desired, its not as bad as you say as your issue is not common. if it was we would certainly have a major issue. i can not remember the last time i heard someone bring up your particular issue.


    i think you may have come across the solution yourself.

    vpns cause nothing but trouble here and will give you a headache. feel lucky that you were not getting very common fake "you are banned" message popping up while on a vpn. i believe it has to do with our anti-spammer settings and many users on vpn will be unable to access the forums and often ask why they were banned (they were not). why do we have such settings? you may not see it on your end but given how popular the site is we get bombarded with advertising and need to take certain measures to keep it under control.

    try keeping your vpn off and see if you are fine.
  8. To be honest all the other times I have accessed the site without a VPN it has worked fine.

    What I would say is that it is fairly simple to spoof your IP address and therefore using the IP is probably not the best way to enforce security.

    Also, a lot of IPs are dynamic, so you would be judged on other people's sins.

    Perhaps I was a bit harsh, but in 2017 you would not expect a site to start acting strange just because you are using a VPN, especially not when you are logged in.

    On a gardening forum it would be understandably, but a technical form, hmm.

    Hopefully in future updates the developers/owners will revisit this area.

    Thanks to everyone that helped with suggestions.
  9. while i am not part of the dev team so i can only speak from what ive heard, my understanding is that many vpns are outright blocked due to abuse by spammers or griefers and those that are not may cause strange issues. when thousands of spammers are around you need certain methods in place to control it or it will become a very real problem.

    a gardening forum is not as likely to be spammed as the leading tech forum so may not have as stringent a security outlook which would explain no issues.

    for the meantime i would suggest just not using a vpn.
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