Suspicious svchosts running in background

There's hella of a ton svchosts running in the background, it leads into nothing when I go to services, before only like 20 or so svchosts would run in the background and disappear later on but now it seems like, I don't know more than a hundred(?), it has high cpu usage aswell. Any fix? Thanks in advance!

Here's a screenshot of the task manager btw
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    Disinfect or reinstall your OS, would be my suggestion. svchost.exe doesn't run on a standard user account, which is what most of yours are being listed as.
  2. What bigpinkdragon296 said, also description is wrong and this is likely malware/adware/virus running it's own copy of svchost.exe to mask as a real one.

    Start in safe mode, run antivirus/malware scans to start with.
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