[WTS] Ryzen 1800X, MSI X370 sli plus AM4, Biostar TA970 AM3+, MSI 970 GAMING, AMD FX8350, Powercolor 290X 4GB, g.skill16GB ram

hi i'm trying to sell some new and used items i'm located in florida I can do free shipping within the US I accept paypal

amd ryzen 1800x new and sealed $400
msi x370 sli plus new and sealed $115
amd 970 gaming am3+ new and sealed $90
powercolor 290x 4gb, pulled from working computer works great never oc'ed $230
biostar ta970 am3+, pulled from working computer never oc'ed it comes with backing plate $40
amd fx8350 black 8core cpu, pulled from working computer never oc'ed no bent pins $100
g.skill ares 16gb ddr3 2133 2x8, pulled from working computer $85

link to pics with my username
<Non compliant photos removed by moderator>

from left to right, biostar ta970, msi 970 gaming, powercolor 290x, msi x370 plus, ryzen 1800x



added a timestamp on the pic if you want more pics please pm me
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  1. Flexible on price for the 290X?
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