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Hello people, so i got this new computer, but its not new, its used, and i wanted to overclock my CPU a bit, it is i5 3570 Non-k, and it was running at 3.40Ghz, but today, i for no reason went to bios, and saw this button, which is called something like OC genie mode 2, so i just pressed, and it made my cpu run at 4.00Ghz which i personally think is awesome, but is it safe? i booted up my pc, from where i am writing, and currently i have no problems, no freezes, reboots, etc. and btw it's running on stock cooler, the temps right on idle is about 35 celsius average, i havent tested temps while playing game, but before oc, my cpu temps where same - about 35-40 on idle, and average 60celsius while playing, so is it safe to continue using this PC in this OC mode, or should you guys recommend me turning it off and just go to standard 3.40Ghz mode, and btw my Mobo is z77a-45. Thanks, and sorry for this badly written thread.
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  1. Yes, formatting would've been a nice addition here, I agree ;) (just why didn't you do it then...?)

    While I don't know the details about this specific mainboard and "OC Genie 2", it sounds like an "autmatic overclock" button. Those can do fine, but in most cases (at least in my experience) they don't.
    I have very often seen such tools applying far too high core clocks and voltages, thus severely reducing CPU lifetime, if not ruining it completely!
    I strongly advise against using this mode, especially after those numbers (4GHz - with locked multiplier this means through pure BCLK overclocking) you posted! Don't put this under load under these settings, you might fry your CPU (in best case, it will probably just freeze/crash)!
    Also, overclocking is completely out of question on the stock Intel heatsink. They are just enough to keep your CPU cool at stock clocks, anything more is beyond them.

    If you absolutely want to overclock your non-K CPU, you'll first have to get a decent heatsink. Then you'll have to increase the BCLK and CPU voltage in small steps until you find the maximum stable overclock your system is capable of ;)
  2. Okay, thanks for the answer, i just played GTA 5 for testing for about 30 MINUTES, used Speccy and msi afterburner, CPU Temp didnt go up more than 61 Celsius, but i will probably still turn it off, dont want to risk frying it, also, 3.40ghz is more than enough, because i still got almost same FPS in gta 5, anyway im planning on buying a normal cooler/heatsink, so you have good options that are cheap and good?
  3. The temperature sadly isn't an indicator, as the CPU will just throttle down it's speed when it gets too hot. Having a look at the voltages and CPU speed would probably give better insight on how well/bad this actually works.

    As for good price/performance heatsinks, this may vary depending on where you live, but I usually recommend one of the following if some (but not overly high) overclocking geadroom is needed:

    1. Thermalright True Spirit 140mm
    2. Thermalright HR-02 Macho Revision B
    3. Anything from the Enermax ETS-T40 series (the ETS-T40F series is also a thing, but less performant and recommendable)
    4. Noctua NH-D14 and NH-D15 (a little pricey, but extremely high quality)
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