Windows 10, can't right click inside of desktop or File Explorer

Windows 10. Can't right click inside of my desktop or File Explorer. Luckily for File Explorer, a nice handy command bar shows up at the top and let's me complete MOST right click tasks, however, some are missing.

Note that the OS does not crash, I just simply cannot right click. Additionally, I could right click before, the problem only began after having reset the computer OS twice in one day.

PC Specs

CPU: AMD X4 760k Athlon
GPu: 750Ti
8 gigs of ram
OS: Windows 10

If you need any further info please ask away.
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  1. Try doing a clean boot and see if its the same:
    if it stops, it means problem is one of your start up programs, slowly add them back in to find cause.

    why did you reset os twice in one day?

    Try this

    Open command prompt (admin)
    type SFC /scannow and press enter
    once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press enter
    SFC fixes system files, DISM cleans image files, re run SFC if it failed to fix all files and restart PC
  2. Well I tried the clean boot and the commands, however the problem still persists.

    As for why I reset the os twice, the first time was to fix some major slow downs I was having on the computer. I figured that it would have been better to do a clean install of windows but when I reset the os, another problem came up, so I reset it again but accidentally I installed 32-bit os, leading me to install it one last final time, with the current right click issue.
  3. At any stage did you fresh install? You say reset but normal resets don't involve changing between 32bit and 64bit so did you use an installer to do these resets? Did the last 2 look like this?

    If you have done that and not just resets (resetting windows 10 just reinstalls win 10 on C drive again, fresh installs delete the entire drive and start from a blank drive), then doing it again wouldn't make any sense...

    Try making a new user and see if it happens on it -

    the installer you used, was it recently made?
  4. Yes I guess I used an installer, sorry I didn't know there was really a difference, and yes the last 2 looked like the pictures in those forums. The way I installed it was via USB, and the way I put the os on the USB was by an application named Rufus ( Can't say I used the latest version they had at the time but I've used that application to install Linux and Windows before on my pc, multiple times, and it was has been completely fine. I will try making a new user and get back to you on that.
  5. rufus is fine to make installer with, where did you get ISO from?
  6. From their website, used the Windows Media Creation Tool. Also I made a new user and I was able to right click in the desktop.
  7. and file explorer?

    if so, it would seem other user is corrupted (it happens). Log back into it, make the new user an admin, copy contents of old users folder in c/users/username over top of new one and it will have same access as previous user. Log into new one and set up browsers/steam client. It should only take 10 minutes. Keep old user as a backup in case anything happens again.
  8. Alright, seems that I won't need to do that. Ultimate Windows Tweaker was in fact causing the right click issues. I tried restoring its default settings, which change nothing from original Windows 10, and I can right click. Seems I messed up on some setting, so I'll go through everything to see what exactly caused it. Anyways, thank you so much for your help and time, I greatly appreciate it!
  9. Yes, I disabled Explorer's Context Menu, which at the time I thought was Internet Explorer, not explorer.exe.
  10. Best answer
    You tweaked it too much. I don't mess with windows as it is perfectly capable of breaking itself. Glad you worked it out though :)
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