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  1. I dont have much playtime into 16 bit games or life simulators, so I would have to go with the sims since its all ive ever really played.

    Stardew has always peaked my interest though.
  2. My favorite classic 16-bit game is Mortal Combat 2 but i don't remember it well so my favorite life simulator is Sims 4 as i enjoyed being able to use the online already created characters and see how they acted with other people and compare them to real life.
  3. If I win this im gifting it to a buddy whos gifted me KOTOR, Dragon Age and Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham City, and Dead Space.
  4. I'd have to say final fantasy 2 and 3 were my favorites. Along with Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana.

    So many amazing childhood memories with my brother involved these games. Ogre battle too!!

    Chucklefish is a great company and concerned ape so I've wanted stardew valley ever since I was into starbound, which I still play. I would be so grateful to win even just 1 copy. I love Tom's hardware and read every article.
  5. One of my fav games was Comix Zone. I spend many hours playing it on my Sega.
  6. Donkey Kong and Bugerman (if i remember correctly).
  7. An old snes simulator call Utopia. I was a combination of SimCity and an RTS. I haven't seen anything like it since.
  8. Probably my favorite 16-bit game has to be Final Fantasy VI, it touched all the right feeling and was a nice and long game to boot (and a big world to explore back in the day!" :p , the fact that they re-released it for steam and other platforms gives the chance for everyone to try it :3
  9. My favorite 16-bit game was shadow of the beast in Amiga 500. Although I wasn't a proud owner of an Amiga 500, my closest friend had one and I've spent countless hours playing games in this classic home PC.
  10. Favorite 16 bit game is risk of rain, but that's not really a classic.... Obvious simulator choice is Harvest moon, whichever one was one the gamecube. Mostly been looking at stardew valley because I heard it recreates that little detailed farming world you can get lost in.
  11. My favourite classic 16-bit game is Super Mario World. One of the best 90s kids' game in my opinion. Its the start and milestone for the many other fun games we have today.
  12. My fav 16-bit game would be Street Fighter II. Super fun and can get pretty intense when playing with your siblings/friends.
  13. Great games from the 16 bit era. Favorites are Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country. Great times playing with family and friends.
  14. Lufia games, Breath of Fire games, Seiken Densetsu\Mana games, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 1-6 & Mystic Quest, the NES\SNES\Gameboy Zeldas...

    I loved them all. These were what made gaming such a big deal to me. Having played a lot of early DOS PC games, these were like a whole new universe of detail and story that a lot of those available in the earlier 80s didn't have.
  15. Of course its gotta be duck hunt, saw it at the mall when I was little and beg my parents for it
  16. There are plenty of 16-bit era games that i've played but my most favorite is Crazy Cars III (1992).

    While a though game to beat, there's plenty of features that make the gaming enjoyable and at times, frustrating too. :D
    Few of the features include: non-visual damage to your car (except smoking when damage gets high), car upgrades (top speed, handling, boost etc), police pursuits, betting system (to increase payout if you win), different scenery for each race, traffic cars on the road, plenty of opponents (19 in every race), good sounds (for that era) etc.

    Here's also a gameplay video with good explanations on how the game works. The video covers the 4th division while there's also 3rd, 2nd and 1st division to play through.
  17. Megaman X!!! Never played Donkey Kong but heard that it was good.
  18. I'd probably have to say F-Zero was my favorite game from the 16 bit era.
  19. My favorite 16 bit game is probably Chrono Trigger. I have played Stardew Valley though, and enjoyed it. My daughter enjoyed it too. I'd like a second copy so we can play it multiplayer when that update is done.
  20. favorite 16 bit game is final fantasy II/IV
  21. Many good games to choose from but Streets of Rage 2 and FF6 stands out for me. Im still playing both of these games from time to time.
  22. Star Control 2!
  23. Mega Man X is my all time fav. I sacrifice a few of my fingers for that game/
  24. I haven't played a 16 bit games before, So I'll state my favorite simulation game instead. Mine's Surgeon Simulator
  25. Same with some people here, Mega Man X was a blast.
  26. Hmm, I have a bunch of 16 bit games tied at number 1, but if I had to choose one that I played the most and had the most fun . . . probably Legend of the Mystical Ninja on SNES.
  27. My Favourite 16 bit game is Harvest moon since it is so similar to stardew valley

    but i still want to play stardew valley
  28. Street Fighter II
  29. Hmmm... Think Quick .. maybe 8 bit tho not sure
  30. Commander Keen probably has my most logged hours.
    Duke Nukem and Mortal Kombat were oft played here as well.

    Life simulator . . . Don't starve together? I played Sim . . . . City, quite a bit. But never the Sims.
  31. favorite classic 16 bit game ... definitely commander keen !! i used to draw out level designs for the game with my friends with all kinds of traps and keys and stuff
  32. I would have to say Secret of Mana on the SNES. I couldn't honestly saw WHY I loved it, just that I did. I went out of my way as a kid to rent it as frequently as possible and to make sure I got the same copy so I could continue my save. When I got older and started working, I purchased a SNES specifically for this game (along with the 3rd person adapter).
  34. Congratulations to our randomly selected winners Abraziv and Jesse Vinsant! I've already sent you two a PM :)

    Our third winner (picked through the online raffle) will be contacted via e-mail.
  35. _Johnny5 said:
    Congratulations to our randomly selected winners Abraziv and Jesse Vinsant! I've already sent you two a PM :)

    Our third winner (picked through the online raffle) will be contacted via e-mail.

    Thanks! :)
  36. Sweet! Thanks!
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